IndigenUs Consulting

We assist organizations in developing and implementing strategies to engage, and work with Indigenous communities.

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How do we help?

We help businesses who are looking to work more effectively with Indigenous communities and businesses through strategic planning, and build internal engagement competence through coaching and training. We braid Western and Indigenous perspectives together to strengthen partnerships, and advance Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

What do we do?

We assist organizations in developing and implementing strategies to engage, and work with Indigenous communities. We specialize in providing strategic advisory services, connecting organizations and Indigenous people and businesses, and supporting the development of policies, processes and agreements that lay the foundation for successful engagement and inclusion.

Developing Strategies to Engage

Why would you need our services?

There are various reasons organizations would seek our help:

  • Support a regulatory requirement to engage or consult with Indigenous communities.
  • Overcome roadblocks in their relationship with Indigenous communities or businesses.
  • Develop Indigenous strategies and supporting processes and policies to work more effectively with Indigenous communities.
  • Develop and implement Inclusion Plans that support Indigenous businesses and workforce development.
  • Advance efforts towards Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.
  • Repair or enhance relationships with Indigenous communities.

Top Values

Guiding your success through 50 years of experience with Indigenous communities, these are the top values that we as a company are built on. 


We engage in difficult conversations and forge new paths together


We demonstrate a deep respect for our clients, their stakeholders and the land that sustains us all


We show up with vulnerability and humility – and a sense of humour


We are unwavering in our values, commitments and ethics; we are accountable for our actions


We seek not only to deliver exceptional results, but to delight our clients

IndigenUs Consulting Team

A majority Indigenous-owned consulting firm.

Doug Reti

Owner, a member of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’inFirst Nation

Dione McGuinness

Owner, Bridge Builder

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