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Who Do We Help?

We help businesses in the private sector who are looking to work more effectively with Indigenous communities and businesses. We also help Indigenous communities and businesses who are looking to more effectively work with private companies.


What Do We Do?

We assist organizations in developing and implementing strategies to engage, and work with Indigenous communities. We specialize in providing strategic advisory services, connecting organizations and Indigenous people and businesses, and supporting the development of policies, processes and agreements that lay the foundation for successful engagement and inclusion.

When Would You Call Us?

When you are working in the Traditional Territories of First Nations, Metis or Inuit communities and want to strengthen your relationships and engagement. When you need to build cultural competence for your team. Or when you are required to develop an Indigenous Inclusion Plan as part of an RFP process.

6 Areas of Expertice

Clients Served:  Oil and gas producers, midstream / pipeline producers, oilfield service companies, construction and civil companies, Indigenous communities and Indigenous businesses.

Why would you need our services?

Clients typically seek our help to:

  • Fulfill a regulatory requirement to engage or consult with Indigenous communities.
  • Overcome roadblocks, or deepen relationships, with Indigenous communities.
  • Develop strategies and supporting processes and policies to work more effectively together with Indigenous communities.
  • Understand and manage any impacts from their business on Treaty Rights / Section 35 Aboriginal rights.
  • Develop and implement Indigenous Inclusion Plans as part of bid requirements and RFPs.
  • Advance efforts towards Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada through the establishment of Indigenous Engagement Strategies.
  • Fulfill part of their ESG program.
  • Achieve more sustainable project outcomes.
  • Enact smoother consultation and engagement processes.

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